The Book of Mormon

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Hilarious. Offensive. Shocking-ish - My three words to describe this play. From the very first scene/word spoken on stage, I was already chuckling in my seat. I have been wanting to watch the Book of Mormon for quite sometime now, without actually knowing the synopsis for the most part. Now, when I say offensive, I do not mean that I was offended personally, but the show does contain a lot of politically incorrect remarks, which of course is done purposely for reaction. The remarks are so obnoxious, that I was caught completely off guard (hence the shocking part), but you know that it is a joke and suppose to be taken with a grain of salt.

I watched the Book of Mormon at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood. It is a great venue as it is not grand and huge, making each seat worth it. 

My view of the stage.

The crew.

After show reaction. If you can't tell, it was good! :)

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