The Hike of Death

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The view at the end of the Pacific Palisades trail in the Los Liones Canyons. Although it is quite gorgeous after looking at these pictures, I did not care one ounce when I finally reached the top. If you all know me personally, I am a fairly unfit person. I have been slowly easing myself into doing more physical activities, like having a 5 minute dance party in my room in the morning and at night (this is not a joke). I barely started this routine since I finally got myself some tennis shoes! 

Now, how do you suppose a person who only does 5 minute dance parties in her room before she is completely out of breath, do in a 7 mile semi uphill hike in the sun? DINGDINGDING! She will suffer, be in the brink of tears, and pray to the gods to somehow bring the end of the hike sooner. I would not say that this hike is not doable, but for someone who is barely starting to exercise just a touch, should definitely not do this hike, unless you will give yourself 10 hours to do it. 

There is a lot more details I could go on about this trail and the pain I suffered the days after, but let's just say after limping the past 4 days, I can finally walk normal without piercing pains in my body! Let's take a moment to say "Yay me!" Lesson learned. I will take it slow, and one day go back to that trail and kick it's ass! Now, lets enjoy the pictures :)


How I survived the hike. No joke. 

 Legitimately struggling to keep up!


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