Thrifting Haul - Ramen Festival 2014

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Please disregard my messy yard. :)

As I mentioned in my previous Ramen Festival post, there was a mini flea market going on at the event as well! I was overwhelmed by how many mint condition items, and name brand clothing that the vendors were selling. Also, the flea market prices were unreal! You'll see what I mean as you scroll down and see the prices. I would have bought so much more if I had more cash on me. I spent all of my friends' cash trying to get my thrift on - thank you friends! 

All week I have been wearing all my thrifted finds, and it feels amazing to wear such great pieces at such an affordable price - extremely rewarding! Check out the outfit I put together with my thrifted finds. You'll love the prices. More of this outfit at the end of the post.

Total spent on my thrifted finds? $23.

Top - $1.50
Pants - $1
Heels - $17
Sunnies - $10
Total $29.50
 Joyrich Tee $1.50

Cotton On Top $1.50

One sleeve top $1 (I need to iron this baby!)

Zara Shirt $1.50

Japanese brand pants $1 - My favorite find!

F21 Skirt $5 (Mint condition)

Plaid Shirt $1.50

Printed Dress $5 - I shrunk it in the wash :(

Cozy Cardigan $3 - I've been wearing this everyday!

 $23 for 9 items = ~$2.50 per item :)


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