To The Left, To The Left

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 Obviously, I love facing to the left. 

These past few weeks, I really am starting to feel that I am living my youth. I got in the habit of booking myself with fun events to keep my momentum going. I have to say, I am enjoying the ride. The downside is I am in slight exhaustion, but it is a doable exhaustion. Hopefully, you lovelies are also enjoying my adventure posts. :)

Onto the outfit. Dressed down a sequin skirt with black pieces and edgy accessories. That skirt cost only $5 during a sale at H&M. I absolutely love the skirt, but it is a tad bit unpractical. There is zero stretch in the material, along with the sequins tend to bend when you sit. Would love to wear it more if it allowed me to move and sit comfortably, or maybe I'll just wear it when I know I will only be standing. :P

Top - $6
Skirt - $5
Booties - $14
Accessories - Handmade
Total $25

{Top} DTLA | {Skirt} H&M | {Booties} Pink Basis | {Accessories} Etsy

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