Birthday Haul

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Good Morning Lovelies! Just wanted to share with you all the great deals I found during my birthday trip to Vegas. :)

Items in this haul consists of 1 Zara piece and the rest Urban Outfitters. They were all 50% off or more, and so, I scored big! Images do not do the items justice, so I cannot wait to style them for you all - minus the kitty undies of course... cause that would just be weird... :P

I must ask why us ladies feel the need to shop while on vacation? We are already spending tons of money on the trip itself, and then to top it off with shopping? It is a horrible and dangerous thing. 

I hope you all are enjoying your 3 day Memorial weekend!

 UO Clean Cut Shift Dress $15 (not pictured so great, but cute!)

Zara Peplum Top $20 (love at first sight)

 UO Kitty Undies $1.50 each (I know I know... Cat lady here!)

UO Tie-dye Romper $15

UO Cat Earrings $5

 UO Flats and Heels $15 each (the best deal of the weekend!)

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