Birthday Wishlist

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Birthday Wishlist

It's that time of year again... My birthday! It is coming up in a few very short days, and I'm stoked! This may be the first wishlist I have ever made for my birthday, but I was thinking that it will serve as a great checklist for when I will be able to purchase these myself. It will also be interesting to see how my taste changes from birthday to birthday.

As you can see, I mostly just lust over shoes... (girl problems). You have seen some of these shoes in my past posts - that is how much I want them. Along with some shoes, are a few electronics and home goods. I have been wanting/needing a new laptop and nice DSLR camera for quite sometime, and I think the time is coming very very soon. But if anyone wants to expedite the process and get it for my birthday... so be it! :P I threw in a cute polaroid camera in there after seeing a friend's this past weekend. It would be such a nifty camera to help decorate my room and potentially scrapbook. Lastly, a great desk I could use to store and display some handmade jewelry, and a cat tree for my little baby. I ideally want to get her a more grand tree, but one similar to the one pictured would probably fit best in my home. If my cat is a happy camper, then I am a happy camper!

Please send good vibes my way so I have a great birthday week, and eliminate any potential troubleshooting, which unfortunately, is way too common in my life...

Have a great week lovelies! :)

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