Full Bloom in Gloom

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As I promised, how I style my kimono cardi is now here! This is most likely the first of many to come. 

For this outfit, I wanted to go with an easy, relaxed, and roll out of bed look (which I actually did that morning). My sister was taking me out to all you can eat KBBQ, hence throwing on this loose-fit dress. This dress is really simple, but accessories can sure add some pizazz to it! I immediately threw on the daisy print cardi for some layers, and grabbed all my usuals, which consists of my current fave fringe bag, polarized sunnies, and religiously worn booties. All thrown together to form one easy, but super chic outfit.


 {Cardi} Living Dolls LA | {Dress} Urban Outfitters |{Sunnies} Ebay | {Bag} Ross | {Booties} Ross | {Jewelry} thecomelycloset

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