How To Style: Romper - 4 Ways

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 ***I failed to take a photo of the actual romper that is being featured... I fail.***

For these styling tips to work, it would be best if the romper was thin. It also helps if the neckline is different on the front and back, for even more versatility!

I purchased this romper about a year ago, and have worn it in multiple ways ever since, so I decided to make this post on all the different ways I have been wearing it. It appears though, that I was in the mood for the same color scheme and material. :P  It is pretty much endless, whether you want to be girly, classy, or edgy! I got this romper for $15 on sale at Zara, and it has proven to be worth my money. 

Please note: A lot of these looks require layering pieces, which means... an extra step to use the restroom (if you know what I mean :P).

It also appears as though I love using button-downs/plaid shirts as accessories! Should I make a post on how to? Let me know in the comments!
#1 - To add dimension and to break up the romper a bit, I added my denim shirt around my waist. For those casual Sunday stroll vibes, I threw on my boots (that I got in Paris long ago) and my fringe bag.

#2 - You guys have seen this look before in a previous post! It is a simple look with some classy touches. I flipped the romper around, for that drastic V-neck and threw on a tea-length skirt for some frill.

#3 - Definitely using that plaid shirt as an accessory. This look wreaks laid back and kick-ass. I always find it sexy when girls pair a tee (or in this case, a romper) and jeans. Remember that the romper is so thin that layering jeans over it is easy peasy, and still comfy.

#4 - There are a million variations to this one, and all thanks to that trusty plaid shirt. I tend to wear these types of comfy outfits on mini trips, like Disneyland! I flipped the romper back to the less revealing neckline (so I can run wild and free without worrying anything would pop out) and my trusty white shoes and vintage denim backpack! 

I hope you lovelies enjoyed this post. I plan on doing much more posts like this just cause I love to share with you how to purchase an affordable item, and pretty much wearing it a million different ways until it rips or tears.  It's all doable guys! Fashion is completely affordable, and of course, your style is completely free. :)

Have a great weekend!! <3

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