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I had the great honor of being a part of a launch. And when I say "being a part of" I do not just mean the launch party, but putting in some of my own time and efforts into the physical launch of It is a great feat to say I was a part of something so grand, even if it was a minor role.

Well, enjoy my iPhone diaries of the event, through the eyes of my friend's phone (because of the lack of space in my own...). Sad to say I did not get a picture with the Nordstrom brothers, as I was too busy scarfing down my food from hunger, but enjoy the gorgeous view of DTLA on a rooftop. Also, enjoy the faces of my beautiful coworkers. :)

Top - $6
Skirt - $6
Booties - $22
Clutch - $5
Total $39

 {Top} The L Closet| {Skirt} The L Closet | {Booties} Ross | {Clutch} H&M

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