On Trend: Kimono Cardis

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I'm sure you all have been seeing these cardis/shawls (call it what you want) floating around the social media world. If you are an avid instagrammer, fashionistas have been styling these light weight cardis like no other, especially in lieu of festival season and the heated summer. I myself have also joined in on the trend and purchased a daisy printed one a month or two ago. Upcoming post on how I would style it of course. These are a few that I have been loving recently, especially that floor length one! Can't wait to find myself a more affordable version, OR even make one for myself. :)

These babies are so lightweight and fun, it instantly gives any outfit a look of ease and casualness. What's one of the most sexiest things ever? Looking effortlessly stylish, which these cardis can achieve.

I'm no amazing seamstress, but with the help of Anneorshine or Life Ann Style quick DIY Kimono video, I can totally do it! This is on my list of to-do DIY projects, and who knows, maybe I'll have that floor length kimono cardi in no time! Or I'll become lazy and just never have one... ::sigh:: CROSS YO FINGAHSSS!

You can find Anneorshine's DIY Kimono Shawl video here. If this inspires you, send me a link! I would love to see how you style and/or what you created with the help of that video!

Bye Lovelies!

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