twentysexy + Mew's 1st Birthday

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Yes, my cat and I have the same birthday. Now, before you completely judge me and think I am one crazy cat lady (which I may be, but this is not the reason), there is a legitimate reason as to why we share this day. Mew was brought home on June 21st, and at the time was estimated to be 4 weeks old. I simply minus a month, and WHALA~ her birthday was May 21st, which so happened to be my birthday! It was fate if you ask me. I know most people make the day their pets were brought home their birthdays, and I did consider it, but I wanted it to be as close to her actual birth as possible.

Did my explanation make me seem less crazy? What if I mention I ordered custom made cat cookies from a friend to pass out for her birthday? Okay, let the judging begin! But, at the end of the day, Mew is my first child that I have given my non-stop, unconditional love to, and I am so glad she is in my life. I love her, even with all her sas and scars she has given me. 

Happy birthday Mew!!! 

  Custom made cookies by Perfectly Sweet by Kim. The best!!
Her Facebook here.
Her Instagram here.

Cardigan - $7
Tank - $1.50
Shorts - $10
Shoes - Gift
Ears - $1
Total $19.50

Probably not the best idea to have balloons when its a windy day out! #thestrugglewasreal

 {Ears} Korea | {Cardigan} Ross | {Tank} Forever21 | {Shorts} Pink Basis | {Shoes} Gifted | {Cat} The hood

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