Eye of the Beholder

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Obsessed. This dress is perfect. I have to say this dress is right up my style alley. It has a kooky print, it is shapeless, in a pretty pastel blue, and a nice short length. All things I love. Only POTENTIAL problem I have with it... I'm expecting it's impending shrinkage. I have quite a long torso, so dresses tend to shrink and no longer am wearable for me. I mean, yeah, I could do all things possible to make this dress stay this length, but in reality, with my lazy ass, probably won't last for long. :X

Back to the dress, it is in a nice lightweight material that does not cling to the body, and a full line zipper in the back. This dress is courtesy of Choies, and if you want it, click here.

The dress is a knock off of Zara, but with all honesty, I <3 knock-offs. It is the best way to enjoy fashion, and experimenting with your own style on a budget. That is what fashion is all about anyways - getting inspiration from one thing, and making your own out of it. Like I have said previously, fashion starts at the top of the high-fashion food chain, and slowly trickles down to what we see now in stores and on the streets (but at a more obtainable cost).

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