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And now we have finally reached the last bit of photos from last weekend. It is bittersweet, but all good things have to come to an end.

When the day was finally over, we headed on over to Far Bar for a quick dinner and some shots in our "Girls's Night Out" outfits. I have been to Far Bar once before, but just for drinks. To my surprise, the food was delicious! My waitress was also amazing because she was able to make my peach ice tea alcoholic... ;) I recommend this place for a nice low key hangout spot.

My outfit included this black blazer I have owned for over 5 years now, along with an on sale Pacsun asymmetrical skirt, and a lace bustier for some extra pizazz. :)

Below are also some behind the scenes shots. Enjoy! :)

Photographer for the day - Tyler Levey

The A Team.

The lovely makeup artist - Sarah Park

Hair and Assistant for the day - Kai and Paolo

We found an elephant man in the streets of Los Angeles!

Have a great week lovelies! :)

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