Fashion District Mini Haul

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It seems as though many mini hauls have been occurring recently... Yuh-oh for the wallet, but Yahoo for my wardrobe! Here are a few things I picked up at the Fashion District this past weekend. I love walking through the alleyways and finding things I would not have expected to find, and at such a great price. It also does not hurt to smell yummy street hotdogs every few vendors down. I love that type of mini hustle and bustle environment, where all type of goods are being sold in one general location.

Check out the great prices below, and let me know if you have any questions about the DTLA Fashion District. I am here to share. :)

Printed Kimono $6
 Faux Leather Tee $5
 Made In California Tank $4
 Crochet Tank $6
 Sticker Nails $1 
(Tip: Sticker nails retail at $8-10, so much worth it at the fashion district!)

Total - $22
Average per item -  $4.40

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