Shoe Spotlight: The STS

9:00 PM thecomelycloset 0 Comments

Since receiving these for my birthday, I have yet to style them for you all. These beauts were actually in a hold-up for quite sometime now, and I finally got them back into my loving arms - Yes, I am aware I sound like a crazy shoe lady :) 

It is a great feeling when you have a birthday wishlist and actually get what you listed (wishlist post here). I have my baby sister to thank for these! I am excited to show you how I would style these - posts coming soon.

Although these are some pretty darn sexy shoes, let's be real, they are a bit hard to get into! Even with a zipper in the back, the straps sort of get in the way when you try to slip them on. But you know what? #thestruggleisreal and #iloveit

The STS are no longer being sold on Steve Madden, but you can purchase them here.

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