The Golden Jaguar

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Had a fun day shopping at the fashion district, brunching with some friends, and just cruising around downtown Los Angeles. I have a mini haul that should be up after this post. If you are from the Los Angeles area, I highly recommend checking out the downtown fashion district for some great deals! I have said it before, but I'll say it again, it is SO worth it. :)

Testing out a different camera, so bare with me.Wearing lots of gold and black this day, which might I add, is such a beautifully, classic combination. It is uber hot these days, so of course I had to go with minimal clothing and a hat to shield from the sun. Outfit details at the end, per usual!

Hat - Gifted
Tank - $12
Shorts - $7
Heels - $8
Jewelry - DIY
Total $27

 {Hat} Foreign Exchange | {Tank} H&M | {Shorts} Ross, similar here | {Heels} Goodwill-Mosimo, similar here | {Jewelry} thecomelycloset

Accidentally shot a few in a different camera setting, and I turned purple :)


 Photography by Sarjabeans

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