Tea@Two Vintage Pop-Up Shop Charity Event

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The best way to raise awareness for a great cause? Using the cuteness overload of adorable babies! Throw in a puppy and your heart will be melted to mush. Well, hopefully the cuteness factor has grabbed your attention, now lets get into some more serious business.

My friends over at CrownBlu Infinity have been and are continuing to raise awareness for Sickle Cell Disease (learn more here).  They have been taking great strives by throwing vintage pop-up shops that combine both unique fashion with knowledge on Sickle Cell. It is a brilliant idea to use donated clothes as a means to raise funds for Camp Crescent Moon - a camp for children with Sickle Cell Disease.

It was of great honor to have met the CrownBlu team and see the ins and outs of how they prepped for their charity events. It was truly awe inspiring to see their commitment to the cause, along with their stories that affected them personally. You could hear the passion in their voices when they spoke, and the gleams of happiness seeing attendees enjoy themselves. 

With that being said, I have learned that they are in need of some help. If you could please take a moment (literally 10 seconds) to sign this petition for the government to start giving resources to further research Sickle Cell Disease. Please click HERE to read more on the petition and to sign. 

I was invited to speak at the Tea@Two event a few weeks ago to give my two cents on how to approach thrifting and how I would style my finds. I have to admit, I was a bit nervous because most of my style tips and tricks are done via blog, and not in front of a group of people. Of course, I persevered and felt extremely accomplished afterwards knowing I had played a part in such a great charity event. There was an overwhelming amount of positive feedback during and after my teachable moment, which reminds me of why I wanted to make my blog public - to inspire.

Scroll down for more pictures of the event and some of the tips/tricks I shared at the event (Should have come if you wanted to hear my entire spiel)

Vintage Piece - Skirt
Tip: Chop off any unwanted length to give a potentially dated print, a new and fresher feel. Use fabric tape to hem as a no-sew alternative. (Took approx. 8" off this particular skirt)
Vintage Piece - Blazer
Tip: You will definitely encounter prints you absolutely love in sizes way too big for you while thrifting. Pair item with body hugging pieces to offset the bagginess, roll up sleeves for structure, and pin a gathered portion in the back for a more tailored look. (Model is a size S, blazer is a size 10)
 Vintage Piece - Mermaid Skirt
Tip: If you are trying to ease yourself into thrifting, and the crazy bold prints and shapes are not your style... There are plenty of timeless pieces that can be worn years to come and is still a one-of-a-kind vintage find. Feel free to style the timeless pieces in a classic way or edge it up.

A HUGE thank you to these ladies for volunteering their time to be my model!
Jamie, Lauren, Kari

*All photos were taken by the on-site photographer :)

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