My Fall Bag

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A more close-up look of my outfit the other week at my friend's baby shower, as well as showing off my new fall Sole Society handbag that I am in love with!

This peplum top was one of those love at first sight items that I had to buy, and thank goodness it was on sale. I love the print and the cut of the top. The only regret I have is that I did not wear it more often in the summer, and now it's a tad too cold to be wearing it alone. Paired this top with my usual tuxedo scuba knit pants and some comfy thrifted heels.

My fall bag is a beaut isn't it? I only wished it was slightly more structured, since I am not the best at maintaining the quality of a bag. I dump everything and anything into it, and toss it wherever I can, so I do not expect this purse to hold it's shape very long, but please wish me luck with that! 

I am not sure whether this is a good or bad thing, but my mother complimented my bag as I was walking out of the door this morning. Do you hold your mother's taste in clothes/accessories at a high esteem? I am curious to know! :)

{Top} Zara | {Bottoms} Pink Basis | {Handbag} Sole Society | {Heels} Mossimo via Goodwill

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