Presenting... Miss Zombie 2014!

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And so... yet another Halloween has gone by. It is a bittersweet moment when all your hard work and creativity has ended. Sorry, making it sound much more dramatic than it really is, but I love Halloween that much.

This year, I started off with the idea of a stretched/open mouth, and from there my costume slowly started to unravel. The costume really reflects my life right now (which will be explained in a future post). I had this fancy red dress sitting in my closet for some time now. I literally bought this dress online just because I was on an online shopping rampage, and hence the reason it sitting in my closet. Once this dress came into the picture, it was obvious that I should be a zombie pageant queen.

Presenting... MISS ZOMBIE 2014!


 Halloween cupcakes for the team :)

Hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween, with lots of candy loot!

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