Thigh High Boots

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Fall Thigh High Outfits

Welcome November! It is so strange how the weather drastically changed here in Cali. We were experiencing warm weather up until Halloween hit. Then suddenly, rain came and now this fall gloom and chill. At least, with chilly weather comes warm and cozy clothes!

I have been searching for some suede thigh high boots for quite some time now, and I just purchased a pair! I am still uncertain on whether they are "the one", but they are still pretty darn cute. Unfortunately, I view thigh highs as one of those things that should not be bought excessively this season. So of course, searching for "the one" is quite important for me, especially with the colder weather coming in quick.

Hopefully, I can decide on whether to keep this pair I purchased at Target (on sale in stores now), so I can start wearing them! But in the meanwhile, I shall lust over styling them with the help of the internet. Above, I styled two different outfits I would wear with my new thigh highs. The number 1 option is the epitome of cozy, with all those knit attire and that cozy shearling jacket. Option number 2, is a classier outfit with that amazing asymmetrical circle skirt. I absolutely love styling others (and myself), so I hope this inspires someone, somewhere.

Let me know which outfit you like the best! Happy November all! :)

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