Thrifting Gear

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I do tend to have my girly days, but we cannot forget my tomboy days. For some odd reason, I find it so invigorating and empowering to dress as a boy, of course, with a girls' refinement.

Thrifting requires a lot of bending, digging, and searching through racks, which is why I suggest being completely comfortable. Minus the upgrade from the booties in these pictures, this outfit is what I call my thrifting gear - A nice comfy pair of pants, tee, a backpack for all your stuff, a cap to keep your hair and the sun out of your way, and some layers, in case it gets chilly. 

Now, you are on your way to a great thrifting experience! 

{Tee} Forever21 | {Flannel} Thrifted | {Pants} Ross | {Backpack} Gifted | {Booties} Ross | {Cap} H&M

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