New Year, New Hurr

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New Year = New Hurr. Goodbye asymmetry, you will be dearly missed. I visited my friend at Chaz Dean Studio for a little snip snip, just to even out the hair, and it was a great hair treatment! All the hair products from the shampoo to the final touches smelled divine.

There is something about a new haircut that makes you feel extra fresh and inspired to dress up and look good. Or at least... that's definitely the case for me! I have not done my hair in quite sometime, but with this new hair, I can't stop styling it and playing with different outfits. Hopefully, the motivation to stay on point continues throughout 2015!

Let me know if you're interested in a new year hairdo. Hair stylist's information below.

Sarah Park aka CC aka Sarjabeans - Instagram

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My talented hair stylist/make-up artist friend, Sarjabeans.

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