French Market Cafe

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Believe it or not, as a born and raised Los Angelian, I have never heard of this "Abbot Kinney" street in Venice. After hearing that it was a nice spot to stroll around and eat, I decided to take my out-of-town friend here for brunch and to shop. I yelped for a nice spot to eat and came across the French Market Cafe. Their menu is minimal and as their name describes, they have a nice mini market filled with French goodies. Ranging from macarons, croissants, cheese, and some frozen foods. The staff on hand (when I was there) are all French, making it feel more authentic in its' already quaint feel. They have a small connected dining area and a cute wooden, outdoor patio section. The food that we chose were delicious and we overall had a nice time at the French Market Cafe.

 Le Cheval on a Croissant - Open toasted sandwich with 2 fried eggs on top (a cheval) on Ham and melted swiss cheese. Served with baby mixed greens. RATING: 5/5 

Ratatouille Omelette - Served with baby green salad, toasted baguette, butter and jam. RATING: 4/5
 The Market

The Out-of-town-er :)

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