Happy First Day of Spring

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Today, March 20th, marks the first day of Spring! I cannot be more excited as this year continues to unravel. Three months in so far, and although there were some ups and downs (inevitable), It's been great. It is strange how comfortable I am in my own skin and with the aspirations I have for myself in 2015, which is why I believe with every bone in my body that this is the year. This is the year I will continue to work hard and see a great strive in both my career and personal growth. This is the year I will see a positive outcome for all the time and effort I have put into my projects. And this is the year I will no longer seek validation, as I am completely happy with the place I am in.

Hopefully, I do not end the year thinking I was full of bull caca, excuse my language.

Let's have a great Spring together, smelling the flowers, enjoying the weather, and just living life!

Photos by Cindy L. Huang

 {Hat} Target | {Dress} Nordstrom Rack | {Heels} Pink Basis | {Necklace} thecomelycloset

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