International Women's Day Awards Gala 2015

12:29 PM thecomelycloset 0 Comments

I had the honor of attending the first ever International Women's Day Awards Gala as a hostess and "awards girl". This night honored a few women in the Chinese American world, including Sue Wong, a great evening wear designer. With her generosity, we were able to wear some of her pieces for the night, which is a huge dream come true. Never in my mind would I ever be able to sport an outfit by a designer I admire straight from her showroom. 

There were lots of chaos that night, including being forced to walk with professional models for the Sue Wong tribute, not being able to understand a word of Mandarin, and tripping over my dress. However, over all, I was able to meet some great ladies, and watch a great show. 

Below are some blurry phone pictures of the night, enjoy! :)


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