Festival Series: Pretty in Pink... In the Wild

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And the festival series comes to an end with this last bit of outfit inspiration. It concludes with one of my favorite outfits, which is super easy, comfy, and has a lot of movement. I stumbled upon this skirt that I found in my donate pile, and decided to give it one last go. To my surprise, it was the perfect piece to complement my mood that day - light, flowy, and pink (yes, that is a mood). 

I hope you all enjoyed this festival series that included ridiculously affordable pieces that I have had in my closet for years. It shows you that you can find inspiration from those items that end up buried in the back of your drawer, and make it feel and look brand spankin' new.

 Happy Coachella everybody!

*Floral crown by Violette's Flowers

 {Top} Thrifted | {Skirt} Korea Boutique | {Sandals} Forever21 | {Body Chain} thecomelycloset | {Floral Crown} Violette's

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