Trend Alert - Culottes

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 The inspiring Nicole Warner from in culottes.

I've noticed culottes peeping around this past year, but it has completely taken the trendy scene as of late. For those of you who are unfamiliar with culottes, click here for a wikipedia explanation - the history of it is actually quite interesting! - but for short, they are known as a "split skirt".  They sit and flow like a skirt, but are split like pants for practicality.

Culottes are definitely not everybody's' cup of tea, including me, but I am not completely opposed to them. I find them quite beautiful and easy on others, but have yet to find one that suits my body and taste. I absolutely love how Nicole Warner styles the culottes, and have opened my eyes to pairing them with my swimsuit! I have always considered these pants to be a more mature item of clothing, but since entering the trendy scene, you can see them on younger woman, such as Kendall Jenner (image below).

What are your thoughts on culottes and would you wear them?

For even more gorgeous culottes, click here for some Zara ones!

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