The Birthday Getaway

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This birthday is one that I do not consider a "milestone birthday". It is very much an inexciting number. And unfortunately, it was a day that brought terrible news... news that affect you to the core and will never forget. However, the overwhelming "words cannot describe" beauty I experienced on my little birthday getaway was a light and moment that I will always remember.
Destination: Zion National Park
There were many things working against this trip - the traffic, the bipolar weather, and my deathly afraid of heights phobia. Overall, we perservered through it all. Don't ask me how I managed to climb the tallest point in Zion, even being ABOVE a rainbow, but I did it.
We did the Angel's Landing Trail, which is extremely dangerous and personally would never recommend anyone to do. It took us approximately 5.5 hours, with tons of stops to catch our breaths and take pictures. It was also very crowded, spent a lot of time waiting for others to go by.
To finish off the day, we did the Emerald Pools Trail, which only took an hour or so. There was a mini waterfall that was quite mesmerizing, especially when it marks the last precious moment in Zion before you head home.
My pictures do not give Zion the justice it deserves. I highly recommend visiting the national park. I literally would mentally and vocally say "this is so beautiful" every 5 minutes, even during the road trip up to the park. It is a place I plan to go back to and partake in the rest of the trails. Living in a big city, we definitely do not experience such beauty, and let me tell you, the struggles to get there, it was darn worth it.
Below are some pictures of my trip, and if you want more than just pictures, check out my VLOG of my getaway. Click HERE, and let me know if you have or plan to go to Zion!
To another year of life, HUZZAH!

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