A Black & White Cat

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Top an outfit with a pair of ears, and you got perfection. There is something about cat ears that make me feel invincible. I love going about my day with them on, even with all the looks, it just feels right sometimes.

Like promised, another way I style the daisy DIY crop top from my previous post. It's a more fun and flirty outfit, but of course, I love to edge it up. In the images below, I threw on my thrifted long cardi to have a bit more contrast. The black against the white is definitely more up my alley, and alters the mood completely. Another great example of how one piece/accessory can change an entire look. I hope this brings you some summer outfit inspiration! <3


 {Ears} Boutique | {Top} DIY | {Skirt} Pink Basis | {Sandals} Ross | {Long Cardi} Goodwill

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