DIY Sunday: Daisy Crop Top How-To In 3 Easy Steps

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I originally made my last daisy DIY crop top because I wanted to figure out a creative way to fix an ill-fitting top. It was a slightly different design to adjust the fit issue (you can see it here), but I wanted to show you an easy way to amp up any top you have. Feel free to leave a comment if you have a question! :)

Happy DIYing! Make sure to tag me so I can see your creations.


1. Plain Crop Top ($3.99 @ local boutique)
2. Daisy Trim ~1.5 yards (Available @ Etsy/Ebay/Joanne's Fabric)
3. Scissors
4. Glue Gun
5. Optional - Ruler and Pen
Step 1: Cut the sides off of the crop top. You can mark and use a ruler if you want to be precise, but I free-hand it. In this example, I cut approximately 1 inch from the side seem (2 total including the backside).

Step 2: Plan it out. Figure out how you want it to look and measure it. Take into consideration how stretchy the crop top is. The more inches you cut off on the sides, the more flowers you will need. Remember that the trim does not stretch, only the shirt, so do not make it too small by not using enough trim length. Good rule of thumb is to stretch the piece you cut off and see how much length you would need and add a flower's length on top of that.

Step 3: Make your vision come to life with some hot glue! Even better? It's all washable!

Finished product:

Alternate Design

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