On Repeat: Pia Mia

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Pia Mia on iTunes

Confession. I spent over an hour instagram "stalking" Pia Mia the other day. I stumbled upon her music and wanted to know who and what she was all about. It turns out, she's only 18, from Guam, and is a pretty badass singer. 

Pia Mia's fashion in a nutshell? Cutoff shorts, crop tops, thigh highs, and bandanas. I am pretty confident she has over 100 pairs of thigh high boots and a bandana in every single color known on the face of this planet. You almost rarely see her without a bandana on her head, even on the red carpet (pictured below). I have to say though, I quite like the mashup of the classy wear with the casual head piece.

I have definitely been feeling the urban vibe this week thanks to Pia Mia. Don't be surprised if you see me rocking a bandana and luscious, red lips too. This shows you how fashion inspiration can come in any form, including... instagram stalking! :P



***I do not take any credit for these photos. They do not belong to me.

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