All In: Gold Tone Mismatched Jewels

2:24 PM thecomelycloset 0 Comments

I have never been a stickler for needing to match jewel tones or actual pieces. I love throwing on any jewelry I am in the mood for and not giving a rat's ass if it actually matches.  With earrings, we all tend to lose the matching pair anyhow, and eventually leaving behind that single earring. I would like to officially make my PSA announcement that wearing mismatched earrings is fun and in no way a taboo!
I stumbled upon these earring sets a few weeks ago at Charlotte Russe, and love that none are exactly the same. It gives you the freedom to decide what you want to pair up together, and these earrings are all that I have been rockin' as of late.
Even better? One of the sets is on sale for $5 right meow! Click here to join the mismatched world.


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