2015 Reflection/2016 Resolution

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It's that time of year again... Time to reflect and create resolutions for myself. I'm not going to lie, I quite enjoy this yearly post. I have come to find that I am truly growing as an individual after re-reading my old resolution posts. I hope to continue that progression and to never move backwards. Here's to a new year!

2016 Resolutions
  1. Work out to build stamina - You're getting old and your physical ability will just continue to deplete
  2. Take time for yourself, do not spread yourself so thin.
  3. Re-discover things that inspire you and/or discover new passions.
  4. Work on your voice. Be able to clearly voice your opinion and to really make a difference with that voice.
  5. Take leaps in your career and hobbies. Go for it.
A look back into my 2015 Resolutions... Was it accomplished?
  1. Work out - NOPE, but hiking more
  2. Work hard on your job, blog, hobbies, and projects. Stay motivated. - YES
  3. Become more involved in my community - YES, but ideally I want to be more involved
  4. Focus on the now/be productive/have fun – don’t let long-term goals take over. - YES
  5. Don’t dwell on the past, remove chip from shoulder - YES
*Overall, I accomplished most of my resolutions to some extent :)

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