Cozy Night In

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The only reason I will welcome El Niño with opened arms (assuming there is no mass destruction or casualties) is for the tons and tons of rain it is currently bringing to California. I strongly dislike the rain and with rain, comes darkness. I'm an all sun, all day type of gal - if that is new news to anyone. For the sake of this horrible drought we are in, I will standby, get soaked, and freeze with this gloom.

Yes, I know we have it pretty good over here in the West Coast, but I'm sure you will all agree with me when I say this type of weather makes you want to grab your coziest sweater and just stay in bed all day! Good thing I am in no short of knits, including this poncho sweater from my Black Friday haul. Even better? It is currently on sale here!

Put your sweater on, get Netflix rolling, grab your snuggle buddy (cat, dog, pillow, boyfriend, Call of Duty, whatever!), and let's get your cozy night in started with the thundering rain as your backdrop.


Photography by Brent Shimasaki

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  1. Love your sweater so much!! I've just scrolled through some of your posts, your blog is lovely and your style is perfect <3 (Would absolutely love it if you took a sneak peek :P)

    1. I just scrolled through and loved it! You two have great sense of style and can't wait to see more :)

      Where are you ladies located by the way? Love to keep in touch!