Project 366: Week 1

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I have decided to participate in Project 366 (it's a leap year!). People partake in this project for many reasons, but for me, the project is about creating memories for those random, mundane moments in my life. We tend to only remember those big events that overshadow all the other day-to-day little things that also bring us joy. Unfortunately, this project will also capture low moments in my life. I accept the fact that every day cannot be a joyous one, and will embrace all highs and lows. I am treating this project as the purest form of my honest emotions from each day of 2016.

Some of these images may not make any sense to you and may not be the best quality, but know that those moments have made an impact on me. I am definitely a little hesitant, as you'll see the ups and downs I will have this year and not the usual consciously thought out content you are used to on my blog, but I honestly cannot wait to see the end result. Let's try and avoid the ever so common "my life flashed before my eyes" and really have a moment to take it all in, one day at a time.

Join me on this roller coaster of a project, as I share my pictures (iPhone only) each week.

Week 1
Day 1: First meal of 2016 

Day 2: Visiting San Pedro's Sunken City

 Day 3: First time ordering room service. Breakfast in Bed.

 Day 4: First heartbreak of 2016. Trying to perk up with a minion selfie.

Day 5: Watching as these girls made their first appearance during the press conference. Derp face strong.

Day 6: Mew <3 She gave me a genuine look of concern when I was having a low moment.
 Day 7: Green Juice - getting back in the grind.

Day 8: Doctors. Taking care of some business and starting the new year off fresh!
Day 9:  Help running a great Miss Los Angeles Chinatown Fashion Show and raising $634 for charity at my organized sample sale!

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