It's Electrifying! Faux Leather Leggings

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You have most likely seen pleather, aka imitation leather, on both ends of the fashion spectrum. I myself am very careful in which pleather pieces I purchase and decide to wear. It can easily look very cheap (in appearance, not price) because of how it was made or it comes with a very unwanted sheen. If you are a first time pleather wear-er, I would stick with more matte pieces, and work your way up to the shiny goods once you can decipher the difference between what looks good and what does not. But remember, to each their own, and no one can stop you otherwise. Just go ahead and rock it!

On another note, I am definitely feeling the Grease vibe wearing these pleather leggings. I'm pretty obsessed with them, but sadly, LA has become quite toasty, and we all know pleather and the heat do not mix. Cannot wait until a cooler day to bust these leggings out again, and really feel like Sandy from Grease. There is no Sandy without a Danny Zuko, so I'm patiently waiting for the summer nights to roll around so I can meet him at the beach! I added this handbag to my outfit for a little jolt of color and it turned out electrifying! Get it? Anybody? Okay, I'll stop with all the Grease references now... Leave a comment if you caught all the references :P

{Jacket} Free People via Nordstrom Rack | {Tank} Fshion.Me | {Pants} Nordstrom Rack | 
{Shoes} Mixx Shuz via | {Purse} H&M | {Necklace} Korea Boutique

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