Music Festival Ready - Fringe Kimono Cardigan

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Sheer, fringe, cut-offs? Yep, sounds like it is music festival season to me! Once again, I'll be sitting this music festival season out. I just cannot get myself to sit around and attempt to purchase expensive tickets, a year in advance, before the line up even comes out... Just sayin'...

The perfect complimentary piece to any festival goers' wardrobe? A relaxed kimono. It is lightweight - enough to block chilly winds at night and small enough to put in your bag when you are getting toasty. Avoid sunburn and keep cool, all while fitting into the festival vibe! There is no doubt kimono cardigans will be rocked all over in the upcoming months.


{Kimono Cardigan} Thrifted | {Top} | {Shorts} Thrifted |
{Shoes} Mixx Shuz via Nordstrom Rack | {Necklace} thecomelycloset
Photography by CGWong

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