National Jewel Day - Chain Bralette

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Happy National Jewel Day! Now this is a national celebration day that I can truly enjoy! What girl doesn't enjoy some pretty bling?

If you have been following me on Instagram, then you would know that I have been dabbling in a concept called a chain bralette. We are all well familiar with the freedom that bralettes allow us to have, as well as making us feel extra sexy, whether it is hidden underneath or given a peek-a-boo aspect to onlookers. This is the same concept I had in mind for the chain bralette. I wanted it to be invigorating as it accentuates a woman's chest and as a final touch to any outfit with a plunging neckline. 

Initially, I designed a few pieces in mind for my fellow flat chested females as a means to enhance our confidence in our otherwise lacking areas. However, the chain bralette is flattering for any chest size. It accentuates and brings attention to the area in a very subtle way and without the BOOM in your face perspective. 

I hope to get passed the prototype phase of these chain bralettes, and really be able to put it out in the market for those who have expressed much interest in them. Finding time to complete this project has been a struggle, but I hope one day I can confidently have them readily available. With its' complex nature and multiple component, packaging will be a pickle, so if anyone has a great suggestion or design, please shoot me a message. :)


{Jumpsuit} H&M | {Chain Bralette}

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