Happy First Day of Summer!

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Although we are in a perpetual summer here in Los Angeles, it is still quite exciting to welcome its' first day! It is in full force as we are experiencing 100+ degree weather right now! Be expecting more short dresses, short shorts, and a whole 'lotta skin on the blog this summer :P

There is something so mesmerizing by a structured masculine vest, and especially in a feminine pop of pink color. Typically, I would wear this piece in the fall with some pants.. but seeing as this heat is relentless, let's remove the pants altogether and switch it up into a dress instead! I threw in one of my handmade body chains for that little bit of eye candy, and some buckled, black wedges for that touch of edge. Whenever I wear anything leaning towards the girly side, I always accessorize with an edgier piece, which is where I feel the most comfortable with in my style. 

Wishing you all the best summer this 2016 and hope you make unforgettable memories with your loved ones! 


{Body Chain} thecomelycloset

Location: Las Vegas Strip
 When your popper fails...

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