Happy Independence Day! 2016

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"No restricting pants today!" That was the one outfit criteria I had before leaving my house to join my family's 4th of July festivities.  It is a day where I prominently run around with the kids being up to no good :) And of course, with fireworks, you have to be ready to leap and grab running toddlers from the crossfire! It was a no brainer to toss on this cozy pair of thrifted pants. The fit is a bit off, but for whatever reason, I am drawn to them and they have become a staple lazy pant for me. If a piece of clothing is odd, but overall puts a smile on your face, a word of advice... GIT IT~

Less Than $50
Ears $3
Crop Top $5
Pants $3
Flats $15
Choker DIY
Total $26


{Ears/Top} Local Boutique | {Pants} Thrifted | {Flats} Forever 21 | {Choker} thecomelycloset

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