2017 New Year's Resolutions

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Happy almost New Years Lovelies! The time has come to add yet another year of adventures to our lives. I wanted to write an in depth reflection of my year thus far, but I figured I'll concentrate my energy on ringing in the New Year today! And besides, who doesn't like an easy bullet point list instead? :P 

I have been on a long hiatus to focus on my career and volunteer work, but I hope I am re-energized for thecomelycloset this new year. Shall we begin this journey together yet again? Bring it on 2017.

To reflect on this past year... the good and the bad highlights: 
- Domestic travel: Seattle, Washington. International travel: Japan - Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka
- National Parks visited: Death Valley to see the superbloom, Bryce Canyon for my birthday trip, Sequoia for fall foliage, Yosemite for my first falling snow, and Joshua Tree with my love!
- Six friends got married, attended 4. 
- Major career setbacks that have me questioning my current path. 
- Rollercoaster of emotions battling personal timelines I did not hit.
- Said goodbye to someone for the better. 
- Co-chair for MLAC
- Organized and executed a successful charity sample sale.
- Last, but not least.. someone has entered my life that I know will be that much needed rock for me :)

2017 Resolutions
  1. Workout and get fit - this is the year! 
  2. Cook more often and master some recipes you're proud of.
  3. Travel more, especially to a tropical island to unwind!
  4. Hike more often and visit a National Park outside of California/Nevada.
  5. Re-discover my passions and hope it guides me down the right path. Push yourself to find something new that'll challenge you. 
A look back into my 2016 Resolutions... Was it accomplished? 
  1. Work out to build stamina - Not quite, I worked out very hard for one month... Baby steps!
  2. Take time for yourself, do not spread yourself so thin. - YES! 
  3. Re-discover things that inspire you and/or discover new passions. - Not quite, the hunt continues into 2017.
  4. Work on your voice. Be able to clearly voice your opinion and to really make a difference with that voice. - YES! But this is a forever work in progress.
  5. Take leaps in your career and hobbies. Go for it. - Yes/No. Leaps were taken, but lots of unfortunate steps back occurred as well.

Location: Joshua Tree
Photography by Adam Quirch


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