Last Minute Valentine's Gift Guide For Him

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Valentine's Day is just a day away! Now, if you do not have Amazon Prime or do not want to spend extra on that overnight shipping for those last minute gifts, here are some quick ideas, courtesy of the boo.

1. Couple's Massage - This is something you can easily book online (and even with a great deal via Groupon). Just write a sweet card with your plans in it, and whala~.

2. A nice dress shirt - "A man can never have enough dress shirts" - The Boo. If your man is not a dress shirt type of man, get him a nice button down or shirt. You can literally grab one from any store around you. 
 Button Down via Target

3. Coffee Mug/Tumbler - You can either get him a nice sleek mug, or one with a cute saying on it that can either be sentimental or funny. Certain things like "You're The Boss" or "Coffee because adulting is hard".
Mug via Target. 

4. Cap or Hat of their favorite team - The cap could even be something sentimental to them. It's easy and it shows them that you listen and know their interests. 

5. Cook him dinner! - Nothing shows you care more by whipping up a yummy meal. And the best thing about this? You don't actually have to think of a gift! What's even easier is if you decide to do hotpot! All preparation and zero cooking involved. :)

Hope this helps in your last minute effort to show him you care, even if you are a procrastinator! Don't fret, he'll never know the difference. It'll be our secret... :)


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