The Great Outdoors

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It took me a while to figure out what exactly I wanted to say in this post. To make it about fashion, about the experience I had on my trip, or even gear it towards my current day-to-day life. However, with recent current events, I wanted to highlight the beauty of the outdoors. 

I have been traveling around to different National Parks for about 2 years now. It is a personal goal of mine to visit as many as I can in this lifetime. Words cannot express the feelings I had when I hiked my very first trail at Zion National Park. It completely took my breath away and will forever be an absolute favorite place of mine. 

There has been recent attempts to harm the environment and stop preventative measures in the upkeep of our National Parks. It is a dangerous time for my generation and the next ones to come. It is a time we have to voice ourselves to protect the environment, but most importantly, to protect those awe-inspiring moments we encounter with the beautiful outdoors.

This post is my pledge to continue to travel to these places and share them with you all. It is also a pledge that I will work on the backlog of images/video footage of all the places I have been to. These upcoming outdoor posts will sure keep me busy this year, but with the uncertainty of our future, the urgency is heightened and the beauty must be shared as soon as possible. I hope by sharing these moments and experiences, your eyes will be opened to the importance of protecting our environment and National Parks. Please hold me accountable for catching up on my backlog this year and keep an eye out for more outdoor posts to come. 
Click here for the official National Park website
Click here to learn more about the EPA 

{Beanie} Japan | {Sweater} Sammy Dress | {Necklace} Handmade

Location: Joshua Tree
Photographer: Adam Quirch

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