All Purple'd Out

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I am not sure if you are noticing some shifts in style on my blog as of late... but I came to a realization that my taste has been evolving these past few weeks. I am so thoroughly fascinated by it because if you knew me, I found true comfort in trend driven styles with a touch of edge. These days, I am absolutely loving more sleek and chic pieces, nothing new, but I have been styling them without the edge! I am almost shocked at myself for this sudden shift. I believe it could be attributed to the new cheerful weather, my upcoming tropical vacation, and age :X 

This blog was created as a creative outlet and a way for me to reminisce events and styles throughout the years. Looking forward to those "Wow! I cannot believe I used to wear that" moments. OR when my future children are into a certain fashion scene and I can say, "Hey, I am cooler than you because I wore these styles way before you did!" Apparently, I created this blog subconsciously to embarrass my future kids. :P 

These photos were taken in a beautiful home my friend rented out from AirBnB. The home was modern with beach-side decor, which I loved! I would recommend this home to anyone looking for a remote place out in Northern California, somewhat near Napa Valley (in case you are visiting for wine tasting). It was the perfect setting for this outfit, as it had both beautiful pops of color that complemented the purple and pristine white rooms to showcase the purple.

Going into this outfit, I already knew I wanted to play matchy matchy with similar hues. When this pretty purple sweater first caught my eye, I knew purple was the way to go this weekend! I already had my handy cat crossbody arriving from AliExpress, and then I finished it all off with matching socks. The key in playing with matching hues is to choose a neutral color to break it up somewhere, and in this case, my white jumpsuit. 

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed shooting it! 


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