Spring Staples - Straw Hats & Frilly Dresses

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As a photography enthusiast, I am always looking for the best locations to shoot. Places that inspire me, without having to make a major trek out. I wondered into Arlington Gardens when my friend suggested it for her engagement shoot (apparently a popular location, since there were both a wedding party, and graduate there to take photos). Arlington Gardens is such a small, cute local garden that I cannot believe exist! There are a few sections of the garden that had tables to sit and enjoy yourself, as well as beautiful flowers and greenery all over. You bet your bottoms, I'll be back here!

For my outfit, I knew I wanted to complement the garden with a nice dress and sunhat.  These days, all I do is online shop for my new Spring/Summer wardrobe. It's horrible, I tell you! It's become a bad habit, but I cannot stop my frilly dress and sunhat obsession. I mean, this isn't the worst time to be obsessing over these things as they are hot hot in trend right now, especially straw hats/accessories! I am still on the hunt for that perfect hat this season, so if you have any leads, please do comment and share! 

Are you all set with your Spring staples? Because I am well covered, but still going shopping strong apparently. :P Hope you lovelies have a great weekend,

{Hat} Nine West via Ross Dress For Less | {Dress} Ross Dress For Less | 
{Jewelry} Handmade by thecomelycloset

Location: Arlington Garden, Pasadena

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