Exhibit: Doug Aitken's Mirage House

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I recently traveled out to Palm Springs, California to visit the Mirage art exhibit. If you are from Southern California and check social media every so often, then you must have seen an image similar to the one above. This exhibit is taking social media by storm, especially since it runs near Coachella Valley and during music festival season. 

I did a spontaneous trip out there that took me 3 hours round trip (from Los Angeles). With all honesty, I went without knowing the last weekend it was opened for was that same weekend I decided to go. With that being said, it was a bit busy, but am unsure whether the line is a normal thing. When you drive up, it looks like you are about to enter a gated residential area. There is parking right up top, so I would suggest to drive up first THEN trickle back down if you need to park along the driveway. I made the mistake of parking at the bottom and having to make my trek up the very steep pathway. The exhibit is easy to get to as there is a paved driveway. 

Once you reach the house, there are workers that will allow a certain amount of people in at a time to wonder around. I believe there are about 5 different rooms/sections. The house itself was not as grand as I expected it to be, and all the mirrors were definitely sensory overload with all the reflections bouncing everywhere. If you want to get a picture inside the house, best of luck because no matter the angle, you will capture someone else's reflection (the purpose of the exhibit), UNLESS you are lucky enough to capture a moment of emptiness. Also note, large cameras are not allowed inside. I was able to sneak a few shots, but because it was the end of the day, there were crazy finger prints and marks all over the mirrors that made it impossible to get a decent shot in (and all the random reflections you capture). 

Overall, I enjoyed my visit to the Mirage, but I would not call it a must-see exhibit. It was nice to check out what the fuss was all about and to capture a few pictures of my own, but this is a one-time is a enough type exhibit. However, the scenery was quite beautiful up there, especially at dusk with all the lights on. I do have a few tips for those of you still wanting to visit.

P.S. THIS EXHIBIT WAS EXTENDED! According to the worker when I visited, until October! Don't kill the messenger though if it closes much sooner than that... :X 

- Check the top for parking first (or else it's a steep hill to walk up)
- Visit/Stay before closing. People start to clear out and you will have the exhibit to yourself for a minute or two, free of random reflections, and a beautiful backdrop.
- Later on at night is when you can get away with running in and out of the exhibit. During the day, they are a bit more strict on re-entering.
- Make sure to have your phone camera for indoor pictures, and larger camera for outdoor pictures. 
- If it is busy, be patient. Eventually, you will have a second of clarity to capture your shot!
- AND for you girls wanting a cute photo op, yes, you can definitely wear your frilly dress and heels! I would only advise against if you are going to walk around the house (as it is dirt and uneven) and/or climb on any surrounding rocks.

For more information on the exhibit, please visit the Desert X website, click here


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Location: Desert X Exhibit - Palm Springs, California

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