On Trend: Yellow Lens Sunglasses

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I am sure you have seen this trend peaking through here and there, but mark my words, yellow lens sunglasses is only starting to sweep the fashion world. Fashionistas such as Bella Hadid and Shay Mitchell have been spotted sporting these sunnies as of late, but do not get these confused with the already popular mirrored lens. This summer it is all about the sheer and subtly tinted sunglasses. The retro scene comeback into fashion is definitely lending a hand in this specific sunglasses trend.

It will be my go-to summer sunnies. They instantly retrofy (yes, I made that word up) any outfit, so be ready to be transported to another era with these. The only problem with them? They do not actually help against the sun, but do make everything so much happier with the added warmth you see. My friends and I were at the Seven Magic Mountain exhibit near Las Vegas, when the weather decided to suddenly become gloomy and cold. With these sunnies on, I did not notice a difference in the gloom at all. :P

Let me know if you are feeling this trend, and who else you have spotted wearing them!


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  1. Ya sure you noticed NOTHING different with the change of weather? Lol