About Me

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Joining the blogging world by posting my personal style via photos along with little tidbits of my average, uneventful life. Have hopes of continuing this blog for many years to come and watching my style change throughout the different phases of my life on thecomelycloset.

I secretly blogged for many years, and have slowly gained confidence to share my personal style and life on the net because 1. I enjoy it very much and 2. Hopefully, I can inspire someone, somehow. I get inspiration from everything and everyone, and do not claim to be an all knowing encyclopedia for fashion. What I do know is that I have an affinity towards fashion and the endlessness of it all. I have a great appreciation towards the used, thrifted, and neglected pieces that most people tend to pass up on. And lastly, I have a new found love for jewelry, both hand-made and hand-selected. I tend to whip up pieces that I can wear with my day-to-day outfits, and search for unique pieces that can change the mood of a look.

<3 Amy